“ATTENTION: Do you have this priceless gift and not even know it?”

Discover The "Secrets of the Bird Carver" That Allow You To Produce Beautiful, Eye-Catching Works of Art Even if When it Comes to Other Craft Activities, You're All Thumbs

With the material contained in this easy to read, fully illustrated, step-by-step instruction manual, you’ll…

  • Create amazingly realistic carved birds regardless of artistic talent
  • Get tremendous satisfaction and fulfilment from this wonderful pastime and life-long hobby
  • Impress your friends and family with creations they’ll want to keep in their homes forever!
  • Express your creative side without frustration
  • Take pride in beautiful pieces of artwork that you can look back on over a lifetime

Hi there, Terry Everitt here…

In the 1990’s, I taught myself how to carve beautiful birds from a simple block of wood.

Since then, I’ve created numerous unique carvings that grace the living spaces of the wealthy wildlife lover.

Here’s an example…

The simple manual “Secrets of the Bird Carver” will show you how to carve these birds for yourself.

Just as importantly, you’ll also have a lot of fun in the process!

You’ll do this because you’re getting step-by-step instructions all the way. At no stage are you left to guess. At no moment are you required to have artistic inspiration, genius or extra skill.

The results you’ll get will be amazing even before you’re half way through.

Even if you’ve tried bird carvings before, you’ll notice that your carvings become more pleasing to you and anyone you show them to, the time you spend working on them becomes fulfilling and therapeutic – reducing stress and most importantly, giving you a sense of pride in a job well done.

So as you continue to read this letter, you’ll discover how to unlock your creative potential with the help of “Secrets of the Bird Carver” manual.

Now you might be asking yourself…

What are the secrets in “Secrets of the Bird Carver”?

Well, unlike many such programmes, “Secrets of the Bird Carver” shows you EXACTLY what to do. Where to cut, which tools to use and how to use them.

You’ll also progress easily and logically throughout a sample project where every step has been kept simple enough that you’ll feel confident that you can achieve it. And at the end, you will have acquired the skills to be a master bird carver.

Now there’s often a fear that people have before they get started…

Is natural ability important?

Well it’s definitely an advantage. But the philosophy behind “Secrets of the Bird Carver” allows ANYONE to create an object of beauty from a simple block of wood.

As an experienced wood carver of over 15 years, with some strong natural ability, I can attest that many of my students lacked natural ability. And it was because of this process of having students who lacked natural ability producing un-naturally beautiful works of art that the “Secrets of the Bird Carver” was born.

If you’re shown HOW (exactly HOW) each stage of the bird is created, step-by-step, it makes it much easier to re-create the same results yourself.

Compare this to trial and error. It can take you years to become a proficient carver. It may never happen for you and you might understandably come to the false conclusion that you “have to be born with it”.

“Secrets of the Bird Carver” cuts out the time, frustration and expense of trial and error. It does this because all the frustrations of amateur and beginner carvers are considered fully and overcome through encouragement and detailed instruction.

Why should you be so confident that this will work for you?

Because it’s worked for all my students that I’ve taught.

If you can hold a saw, you can learn to carve stunning birds!

…If you’re looking for something that will help you significantly improve every bird you carve – quickly, without years of trial and error – something that will make bird carving much more satisfying and rewarding… then “Secrets of the Bird Carver” will definitely help you…

Master Carving… Step-By-Simple-Step

As you begin to follow the steps in “Secrets of the Bird Carver” you will create one of the most iconic birds ever seen; the one seen on countless Christmas cards, the Robin. And you will achieve this because you will be gently guided in text and photos, every step of the way.

Here it is…


If the idea of completing your very own Robin – one that you’ll be proud to show others (and those others will say “where did you buy that?” as they would never have imagined that it came from your very hands), go ahead and click here to to order  “Secrets of the Bird Carver” right now

And there are reasons that you are able to access this high value training risk free. This is because…
  • For each lesson you’re shown exactly which tools to use and how to use them. You don’t have to guess and as a result, you’ll avoid the costly and frustrating process of trial and error. It’s like having me looking over your shoulder and guiding your every movement
  • A core philosophy behind “Secrets of the Bird Carver” is to keep things simple and low cost. That means that all the tools will be easy to obtain and won’t break the budget

Everyday, people tweet about the quality of the work I produce:

 @televeritt They are wonderful pieces!Make sure you take a look at our annual competition @DSWFWildlifeArt &enter here: davidshepherd.org/way/



Jason Ridge (@JasonRidgePhoto)

@televeritt amazing carvings !!!! im in love with the goldfinch one, superb work..


@debbiejay (@debbiejay35)

@televeritt Wow!! Simply stunning..love it! :))


Jolene Barnes (@jolene_barnes)

@televeritt fantastic talent you got there 🙂


How exciting will it be when you get tweets like these?

“Something that will make bird carving much more satisfying and much more rewarding…”

Then “Secrets of the Bird Carver” can definitely help you because it’s THE most comprehensive bird carving course available.

It’s THE Complete Step-by-Step Guide

“Secrets of the Bird Carver” can improve your skills better than any similar course because it’s more comprehensive than anything else available.

It consists of individual steps, grouped logically into four “STAGES”.

And of course the nature of the manual means that you are learning at your own pace.

We take this…

… and create this











Here is what others have said about my work:

WWT London (@WWTLondon)

@televeritt Your carvings are lovely – good to see a few wetland species there! terryeveritt.co.uk


Rachel (@rtpiper)

@televeritt Your work is beautiful!


BestBritishHandmade (@tbobhandmade)

@televeritt You are very welcome. Your work is amazing!


Animal Spirit Art (@AnimalSpiritArt)

@televeritt Thanks back and I love your birds as well – amazing detail! Hope u get lots more followers 🙂


Anita Gwynn (@Gwynnita)

@televeritt That is fan-bloody-tastic! Love your tree-creeper.


Debs-R. (@Followthewing)

@televeritt Seen via an RT from @corvuscorax Nick. Wow!! Absolutely beautiful… Thats some talent you have! 🙂

I Was Frustrated For Years – You Don’t Have To Be!

Like you I have always had that creative urge but, from an early age, life sort of got in the way.

I passed through school wanting to learn – and was encouraged to learn. But the pressure to get a “normal” job meant that I didn’t get a chance to pursue my dream. For years I worked hard for a living in a variety of jobs and managed to spend the few hours remaining with family life in experimenting with various ways of representing birds artistically. I started with painting and then developed to wood carving. And finally my unique “NATUREBOX” concept.

It has taken many years to develop these skills so that you don’t have to.

I believe that “Secrets of the Bird Carver” is the very best and quickest way for you to learn how to carve birds. It shows you the same techniques that allowed me to excel in what I do.

It will allow YOU to thoroughly enjoy wood carving and take pleasure from one of the most rewarding hobbies for the rest of your life.

Who is Secrets of the Bird Carver For?

Secrets of the Bird Carver helps amateur carvers (and that includes complete beginners) to make beautiful carvings.

Will it turn you into professional carver overnight?

No, of course not.

But if you class yourself as beginner or intermediate, nothing will help you improve as dramatically or as quickly as “Secrets of the Bird Carver”. To find out why…

Choose the profile below that is most relevant to your situation:


“I have little or no carving experience and need to start with the basics…”

“Secrets of the Bird Carver” helps you, as a complete beginner, to improve your carving skills in the shortest possible time…

It not only makes your learning process quick – it makes it fun and rewarding.

“Secrets of the Bird Carver” can help complete beginners better than any other instruction course because:

  • It shows you exactly what to do with your wood and tools
  • My teaching style is designed to encourage you and fill you with the self-confidence that you CAN do it
  • You’re shown the all-important fundamentals like: how to research your bird, how to draw the initial template, what wood to use, what tools to use and how to use them
  • It’s designed as a complete step-by-step course rather than a random selection of demonstrations
  • The course comes with a tools and materials guide so you know exactly what you need to get started
  •  You get the original template used for this project
  • You have my personal contact details so that if you get stuck, you can ask me for guidance


“I have been carving for a while but know I could do better and I’m frustrated with my results…”

“Secrets of the Bird Carver” is designed to take the frustration out of carving and make it much more fun and rewarding for you…

It helps you to improve the specific areas that let your carvings down so that the elements you are already really good at can shine through.

If you’ve been carving for a while and feel that you should, or could, be getting better results, Secrets of the Bird Carver can help you:

  • The course shows you HOW… exactly HOW… which can replace years of frustrating trial and error in a few minutes
  • “Secrets of the Bird Carver” simplifies everything taking you back to basics in a non-patronising way. By mastering the fundamentals it will let your more developed skills shine through
  • Because “Secrets of the Bird Carver” is organised into logical steps, it’s easy for you to tailor the course to YOUR skill level
  • The course comes with a pre-drawn template of the Robin used in this project. This will allow you to start carving straight away


“I consider myself a proficient carver and I’m looking for advanced techniques…”

In all honesty Secrets of the Bird Carver is possibly not the course for you.

You may well pick up tips and techniques that improve your carvings further but the course is aimed much more at beginner and intermediate carvers.

click here to order Secrets of the Bird Carver

And if that isn’t enough, since I want to give you the very best chance of success in your new hobby, I won’t be leaving you in the lurch. Although “Secrets of the Bird Carver” is detailed and simple to follow, it’s likely that you will have questions as you go or maybe simply want encouragement; or perhaps even to keep me informed of your progress.

So I will give you FOUR WEEKS email and telephone support. This is a service that I normally charge my clients $150 per month. But you will receive this as a FREE bonus because I want you to succeed.

So how much are we asking for “Secrets of the Bird Carver”?

Well to put this into perspective, if you were attending a wood carving course in person, you would be paying over $170 a day. To complete this project from beginning to end would require two weeks at the very least – so we’re talking about an investment of over $2,400!

But I don’t propose that you invest half of that. $1,200

Not even a quarter. $600

I appreciate that it’s tough out there these days and while we love to spend money on our hobbies and things that give us pleasure, this isn’t going to break the bank:

  • “Secrets of the Bird Carver” digital edition PLUS ONE MONTH email and telephone SUPPORT. Available by direct download – $27

So for only $27 – equivalent to less than ONE HOUR’s training, the secrets that I reveal in “Secrets of the Bird Carver” and my personal support will be yours for the taking!

And as an additional bonus, you will find inside the manual,  that I have negotiated some special discounts for you from my suppliers. This bonus alone will save you the cost of this manual!

I promise you that after you’ve worked through “Secrets of the Bird Carver” and with practise, you too will become a bird carver. It’s just a matter of time!

After you have placed your order, you can download the 105 page fully illustrated manual.

It’s all very simple.

I honestly believe that there is no better way to learn to carve birds. And with my email/telephone support package you don’t have to take my word for it. Give it try and have fun! Warm regards, Terry Everitt Creator of Secrets of the Bird Carver. P.S. And don’t forget, you will receive a month of my personal support to help you to make your hobby a success Join “Secrets of the Bird Carver” Today! P.P.S It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, you too can learn to carve like an expert!

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